About Smidt, Reist & Keleher, P.C.

Smidt, Reist & Keleher, P.C. dates back to 1996 when Thomas Smidt II left a large regional firm to open his own legal practice. He put a strong emphasis on working directly and personally with clients.

In 2004, the practice became father-son as Tom III joined the firm. Jim Reist came on board in 2009. In January 2015, Bill Keleher joined the team, and the firm took on the name of Smidt, Reist & Keleher P.C.

We are located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a big city with a small town feel. Our attorneys have served this city for a combined total of over 100 years.

Our attorneys are well-established in their individual practice areas and each works hard to make sure the quality of service produced, along with client advice, is of the highest standard. Our partners have built individual reputations in the local community that continue to provide referrals, allowing us the privilege of representing local citizens, businesses and corporations looking to do business in the great state of New Mexico.

Reassured and comfortable. That is how the SRK team wants you to feel when you walk into our office. When involved in any legal matter, clients may feel the weight of the world on their shoulders. The partners and staff prioritize listening, and advising clients personally. Your best interest is always our priority – even if that means connecting you with a firm other than our own. It is how we have always done business.

We have a broad range of clients who come to us because of our diverse areas of practice. We represent small, local businesses, out-of-state businesses, local LLCs and sole proprietorships. We represent individuals from all socio-economic, cultural and personal backgrounds. Contact us if you think we can help with your legal matters.